Review:  Day 2, Morning Session – International Balloon Fiesta

(I will not be covering the vendors because there were so many)

The next morning, I left the hotel at 0545 to give myself enough time to make it for Mass Ascension which was set to begin at 0700.  I was completely unprepared for the near freezing temperature as I only packed shorts and tees for the trip.



The traffic was again terrible.  I parked my car at 0657 as the first balloons were taking to the sky.



The crowd was more than the previous day.  Security had not improved.


It was announced that there were nearly 500 balloons in the park for the Mass Ascension.  Have a look…


Final Word

I had a great weekend in Albuquerque.  Visiting the Balloon Fiesta was a unique experience.  I hope that the security improves in the future.



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