How to Confirm Seats on Air China-United States?

Air China 777-300 First Class
Air China 777-300 Business Class Seating

Last week, I wrote a post detailing my upcoming trip to Panama in Air China’s 777-300 Business Class. The trip is one I have made before, albeit in Air China’s 777-300 First Class. After booking the flight, I tried to confirm my seat on Air China as I had done the time before, by telephone. I spent 45 minutes on the phone before I eventually gave up. This led me to search for another way to contact Air China for the seat confirmation.

I stumbled across the following tweet from Air China in 2016:

Having never emailed an airline to confirm a seat, I was a bit skeptical, but did not have a choice (I was not wasting 45 or more on the phone again). I sent the following email to Air China’s US (


I will be joining you aboard CA 885 on XXX XX, 2019. Is it possible to reserve a seat via email? I would like seat 11C or 11J. If these seats are not available, I will take any C or J seat in business class. My confirmation number is: XXXXXX.

Please reply to this email when the update has been made. Thank you.

Roberto Short

I sent the email on Thursday, May 9, 2019. At this point, my cynicism kicked it and I pushed any thought of the seat to the back of my mind. That was until I received the following email two days later:

Dear customer,

The seat is confirmed.

2.  UA6054
3.  CA885


Final Word

This was a simple process, once I got past the 45 minutes on the phone and the time spent Googling a work around. I appreciate that Air China responded to my email in less than 48 hours. While I did not get the seat I requested, I am more than happy to check out Air China’s Business Class from the third row. See you soon Panama.

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