BOOKED: Trip to Panama…Round 2

I was scheduled to take some family trips at the end of the month that fell apart for various reasons. The cancellation of those trips caused me to browse Google Flights for travel other options. If you have been following this blog for some time, you know I plan my travel within weeks of departure. I do not like to wait months for a trip because it gives me anxiety. There were quite a few options, but only one made sense. A return trip to Panama.

Air China 777-300 First Class
Air China 777-300

My last trip to Panama was almost a year ago. The trip was awesome because I had the opportunity to experience Air China’s 777-300 First Class between Houston and Panama City. The flight, while short was amazing.

On the upcoming trip, I will be trying out Air China’s 777-300 Business Class between and Panama. I walked through the business class cabin on the previous trip, but did not experience the service. The trip was booked for 30,000 United miles + $56 in taxes. I paid for the taxes with my United Explorer card to be eligible for complimentary upgrades between Dallas and Houston.

The hotels are kind of in the air at the moment. I stayed at the Sortis Hotel Casino and Spa and the Marriott Executive Apartments during my last trip. The options I have are: 1) stay somewhere I know or 2) experience a completely different property. I would like to stay at a property with suites, which would give me the opportunity to put the Marriott Suite Upgrades to use. The Sheraton Bijao Beach Resort (all-inclusive) is at the top of the list.

Sheraton Bijao Beach Resort
Sheraton Bijao Beach Resort

To return home, I chose to try Avianca Airlines again. I almost did not book the ticket due to the missed flight fiasco on the last trip. The one way ticket in business class cost me $641 USD. I made sure to purchase trip protection for an additional $41.

Taca Airlines ERJ-190
Taca Airlines ERJ-190

On the return from Panama, I booked a five-hour layover in Bogota, Colombia. Why? So I can check out the five Priority Pass lounges available at the airport.

Bogota Priority Pass Lounges
Bogota Priority Pass Lounges

Being that I am a military member, I had a couple of things to do in order to take this trip. I had to submit a leave request to my commander and an Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System request. Both items have been approved, so the trip is a go!

Final Word

I am excited about another trip to Panama. The experience gained on the previous trip has prepared me for this one. I look forward to sharing my adventure with you, thank you following along.


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