BOOKED: I am Returning from Panama on Avianca (Taca) Airlines

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A few days ago, I wrote a post outlining the airline options for my return to the United States after visiting Panama. I dismissed two of the options, United Airlines and Spirit, soon after I wrote the post. I eliminated United Airlines’ 737-800 because I have flown it on various routes. By removing the United 737 option, I had the choice of trying three new (to me) products.

Spirit Airlines was removed from my list because of the length of the trip, 12 hours. If the flights had of been more efficient, I would have gladly flown Spirit. I will wait to fly them on a shorter domestic route.

Now, I was left with two options: Copa/United Airlines with a stop in Guatemala and Houston or Avianca (Taca) Airlines with a stop in El Salvador. This option was not appealing because I would only get to experience a new airline on one segment, Panama City to Guatemala. The 10 hour trip length for the three segments was something that I wanted to avoid as well.

The Avianca Airlines ERJ-190, operated TACA International Airlines, was the best option for me. The two flights segments are in business class and the entire trip is about seven hours. I booked the flight for approximately $500. As you can see in the seat map below, the business class cabin has a weird set up due to a closet in row one.


I could not find a review of the airline or clear pictures of the cabin so I went with seat 2A. I do not know much about the food, service, etc. which should make this an interesting trip. Now that I have my flights booked, I need to find hotels for the nights that I will be in Panama City, Panama. Any suggestions?

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