Air China 777-300 First Class in 5 Pictures

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Hola from Houston.  I just completed my short trip to Panama.  The overall planning of the trip was solid until I went to board my return flight home.  Despite that unfortunate episode, I had great time in Panama. While I will have a full review in the coming days, I wanted share my initial thoughts of Air China’s 777-300 First Class product.  If you remember, this is the main reason that I went to Panama.  We boarded about an hour late, but that did not matter to me because I was so excited to fly Air China from the United States to Panama.

I boarded through door 2L and was directed left into the first class cabin.  The cabin was arranged in two rows of four in a 1-2-1 configuration.  Only five of the seats were taken. I really enjoyed the comfort and privacy that the semi-enclosed seat offered.

Air China 777-300 First ClassA few minutes after arriving at the seat I was brought a cold towel and snacks served with a rose petal. I enjoyed the simple, yet beautiful offering.

Air China 777-300 First Class

Meal service was tailored specifically for this short flight. While you can expect more courses on the second leg of this flight (Houston to Beijing), this flight included three courses.  The food was exponentially better than what I experienced on United Airlines to Central America.  The courses were an appetizer, entrée, and fruit plate.  The salmon appetizer was fresh.  It was accompanied by cucumbers and cream cheese. It was so good that I almost asked for seconds.

Air China 777-300 First Class
Air China 777-300 First Class Appetizer

My main was a seafood curry with rice.  I was warned by the flight attendant that the dish was VERY hot and that I should let it cool a bit before eating.  What did I do?  I put lava into my mouth…my tongue still hurts.  The flavorful curry contained shrimps and scallops.  My only suggestion would be to add the option for guests to make the curry spicier.

Air China 777-300 First Class
Air China 777-300 First Class Main Entree

I was a little hungry towards the end of the flight so I requested ramen.  The flight attendant asked how I knew about the ramen.  She stated that it was not on the menu so I must travel a lot to have known that.  Um…yeah. The noodles hit the spot.  The broth was not too salty and the beef was cooked perfectly.

Air China 777-300 First Class
Air China 777-300 First Class Ramen

Again, this was a quick overview of my Air China First Class experience.  Thank you always for the support and follow along for the full trip report from Panama.  Hasta Luego!

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