Lion Air Plane Collides With A Pole

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Lion Air, in the wake of aircraft accident that killed 189 people, is dealing with another aircraft incident. According to the Straits Times, a Lion Air 737-900 (JT633) carrying 145 passengers was forced to abort its takeoff from Fatmawati Airport located in Bengkulu City, Indonesia on November 7 after the leading edge of the left wing made contact with a pole. The aircraft hit the pole in front of the airport’s VIP terminal. As you can see in the pictures below, the damage to the left wing is significant.

Lion Air 737-900

The plane returned to the departure terminal where the passengers were on a placed on another aircraft that took off a few hours behind schedule. Indonesia’s Ministry of Transport said on Thursday that it would be investigating the cause of the incident and taking follow-up measures. The aircraft and pilots have been grounded while investigations are ongoing. The incident had also resulted in flight delays for other airlines

Final Word

While this incident did not involve injuries to any passengers, it gives me pause as a travel enthusiast. The past two have made me wonder about ever flying the airline.

Image courtesy of The Straits Times


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