Citi Announces Changes to the Prestige Card

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The Citi Prestige Card is one of my favorite cards.  It offers an array of benefits that I value and for that reason, I keep it in my wallet.  Citi recently announced that the benefits on the card would be changing in January and continue through September 2019.  While I have read that many people dislike the changes, I am currently on the fence about them.

Citi Prestige Card

Before I get into the changes, I will provide you the current benefits (when the card is used to cover purchases/taxes):

Starting January 4, 2019:

  • $250 travel credit is for all eligible travel purchases (hotels, flights, car rentals, tolls, etc)
  • Earn five bonus points per dollar on air travel
  • Earn five bonus points per dollar at restaurants
  • Earn two bonus points per dollar on entertainment (through August 31, 2018)

Starting May 1, 2019:

Cell phone Protection

Starting September 1, 2019:

  • Complimentary 4th night benefit will be limited to twice per year
  • Annual fee increases to $495
  • One bonus point per dollar on entertainment

Final Word

These benefits are not a game changer for me.  With the annual fee going to $495, that makes the “fee” on the card $245 per year.  If the only perk that I use is the complimentary two nights at hotels, I would more than cover the annual fee.  While the changes seem like a lot to digest, I feel that they are not necessarily good or bad.  For that reason, the Citi Prestige card will stay in my wallet.


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