Irregular Operations on United Airlines

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Irregular Operations on United Airlines
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The day started out bad but it soon got worse. Our connecting flight to Costa Rica was taxiing for departure as we were landing in Houston. This meant that we would have an extraordinary long layover in Houston (next flight to Costa Rica was eight hours later) or I could talk to a customer service agent about rebooking on a different airline.

United Airlines 737-800 First Class San Jose to Houston
United Airlines 737-800

The walk to the customer service counter was less than five minutes. As I spoke with the agent, she presented two options: 1) have a long layover in Houston, or 2) fly to Miami on for a connection to Costa Rica on American Airlines. This was the second time in a year that where I experienced irregular operations on United Airlines. I decided that it would be best to fly to Miami for a few reasons: 1) review American Airlines Economy between Miami and San Jose, 2) the flight would arrive in Costa Rica three hours before the United Airlines flight, and 3) blog.

I really appreciated the thoughtfulness and care in which the agent took care of our needs. She was professional throughout our 10 minute interaction and even wished us a pleasant journey to Costa Rica.

United Airlines 737-800 First Class San Jose to Houston
Could not leave the sombrero behind

Final Word

The day was going very poorly at this point. There was not anything we could do except make the best out of the poor situation. We decided to walk over to Landry’s so that I could do a review of a Priority Pass Restaurant. Lemons into lemonade, right?

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