Introduction: The Long Way to Costa Rica

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Introduction: The Long Way to Costa Rica
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Hi, welcome to my next trip report.  This trip report will cover my most recent trip to Costa Rica which was completed just over a week ago.  I did not expect to be doing a full trip report, but the bizarre nature of the entire trip lead to this.  Additionally, I was planning to begin posting about the trip in the middle of last week but I came down with some kind of virus that had me in bed for some days (DO NOT DRINK THE TAP WATER IN COSTA RICA).  Remember, this is just an introduction.  The full reviews/explanations will be in subsequent posts.

This trip was different than most of my other trips, as I was not traveling alone.  This posed a problem at when we tried to process security in Oklahoma City.  There were three of us on three different itineraries (rookie mistake). We were late getting to the airport, but had enough time to make our flight since we only had carry-on luggage.  There was an issue with one boarding pass that caused us to miss our original flight.  I will explain further in the next post.

We finally made it to Houston but only after our connecting flight to San Jose, Costa Rica had taken off. I quickly made my over to the nearest customer service agent to get us rebooked.  The fun continued here because the next flight to San Jose was scheduled in eight hours.  As I have experienced before, United Airlines rebooked us on an American Airlines flight to minimize our layover.  The only issue was that the flight on American Airlines was from Miami, so off we went.

Before leaving for Miami, I stopped by Landry’s Seafood for a quick drink.  Landry’s is a Priority Pass restaurant located in Terminal C.  After the morning that we were having, the margarita hit spot.

Landry's Seafood IAH
Landry’s Seafood IAH
Landry's Seafood IAH
Landry’s Seafood IAH Margarita

This was my first time transiting Miami International Airport and it left a lot to be desired.  One of my friends had to gate check his bag from Houston. Instead of having it at the gate in Miami when we deplaned, the bag was sent to baggage claim.  Guess what happened?  Another missed flight.

Off we went to find another United Airlines agent to assist.  United Airlines gave us some meal and hotel vouchers for the night.  We were also rebooked on the first American Airlines flight the next morning.  The hotel voucher was good for the Springhill Suites – Miami Airport South. Springhill Suites and Fairfield Inn & Suites are similar Marriott brands so I knew what to expect…breakfast buffet!

Springhill Suites Miami Airport South
Springhill Suites Miami Airport South Front Desk
Springhill Suites Miami Airport South
King Bed
Springhill Suites Miami Airport South
Springhill Suites Miami Airport South Breakfast Buffet

Early the next morning, we caught an Uber to the airport with plenty of time to spare before our flight (not missing another one).  We had some much time that I went to American Express Centurion Lounge.  This was my fourth different Centurion Lounge visit.  The others were in Houston, San Francisco, and Dallas.  The lounge was located at the opposite end of the North Concourse from my gate, but it was worth the walk.

American Express Centurion Lounge Miami

American Express Centurion Lounge Miami
American Express Centurion Lounge Miami

The flight to Costa Rica on an American Airlines 737-800 was relatively quick.  The flight lasted just under two and a half hours.  I was comfortable in my Main Cabin (Economy) seat. It also helped that the flight attendants kept the drinks coming (they must have known our plight, LOL).

American Airlines 737-800 Economy
American Airlines 737-800 Main Cabin Seat

American Airlines 737-800 Economy

One of the last things that we did in Costa Rica was enjoy “El Camino Del Vino” (the road of wine) at the Marriott Costa Rica.  The event included over 300 different wines, a buffet, and a live band. It was a great way to end the trip.

El Camino Del Vino
Wine Festival at Costa Rica Marriott

Final Word

I would have liked to start the trip to Costa Rica by making all of our flights, but what fun would that be? All of the things that happened gave me something to talk about so maybe you all will not make the same mistakes. “I am giving out life lessons people”.



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2 thoughts on “Introduction: The Long Way to Costa Rica

  1. Crazy trip to Costa Rica but it still sounds like you were able to figure out options. El Camino Del Vino sounds like it is the best part of the trip. About, “Don’t drink the water”. I have heard not to drink from any tap water in South America. Is this the rule of thumb? Cory McNair

    1. The wine festival was definitely a highlight of the trip, but I enjoyed the adventure of getting to Costa Rica (it gave me something to write about). Yes, that is rule for most underdeveloped nations, but I chose not to follow my that advice and got sick.

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