Review: Landry’s Seafood – Houston Intercontinental Airport

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After getting our boarding passes for our Miami flight, we decided to make a brief stopover at one of the Priority Pass restaurants located at Houston Intercontinental Airport. The choices of restaurants were the Cadillac Mexican and Tequila Kitchen in Terminal A or Landry’s Seafood in Terminal C. We chose Landry’s because we were already in the terminal. Other Priority Pass lounges at the airport are the KLM Royal Crown and Air France lounges located in Terminal D.

The restaurant was very unassuming, so much so that I nearly walked past it (or maybe it could have been stress from missing two flights).

Landry's Seafood IAH
Landry’s Seafood IAH
Landry's Seafood IAH
Landry’s Seafood IAH

Landry’s only had a few guests, they were divided equally in the bar and dining area. There were at least 20 tables in the restaurant. I am not sure that many are needed with the American Express Centurion lounge being a short walk away. Either way, I feel that guests should be able to find a seat at any time during the day.

Landry's Seafood IAH
Landry’s Seafood IAH Seating

We were not looking to sit down for a long time so we made our way to the bar. The bar top could seat approximately ten guests.

Landry's Seafood IAH
Landry’s Seafood IAH Bar

Even though I knew that Landry’s was a Priority Pass restaurant, I asked the bartender anyway. He assured me that it was and told me that I could provide my card at the end of the meal. I quickly glanced over the menu and decided to grab a margarita. The margarita was “perfect”, pun intended.

Landry's Seafood IAH
Landry’s Seafood IAH Margarita

While I was not hungry, my friend decided to order crawfish etouffee. As I stated earlier, we were in a rush because we had a flight to catch so we got the etouffee and rice to go. The etouffee came in a plastic pint container while the rice was served in a smaller one.

Landry's Seafood IAH
Landry’s Seafood IAH Crawfish Etoufee

I was initially shocked that the food was served liked that, but is there a better way to serve etouffee to go? Probably not. We quickly settled our tab which came to be far less than the $56 USD ($28/per person) we were allotted. Note: Money cannot be added to your Priority Pass bill so please take cash if you are thinking about leaving a tip.

Final Word

Landry’s Seafood adds to the uniqueness of Priority Pass. The bartender was friendly and the food arrived in a reasonable amount of time.  I like the fact that there is so much variety in the various Priority Pass lounges, not just at Houston Intercontinental Airport but around the world.  If you have the chance, stop by Landry’s for a margarita, you will not be disappointed.


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