Review: American Airlines (737-800) Economy Class – Miami to San Jose, Costa Rica

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American Airlines 737-800 Economy

AA 2221
Takeoff: 0844 (EST)
Landing: 1038 (CST)
Flight time: 2hr 54min
Seat: 18D
October 10, 2018

I left the American Express Centurion Lounge approximately 15 minutes to boarding. The departure gate was at the far end of the terminal. American Airlines notoriously (or efficiently) boards early. To my surprise, boarding had not begun when I finally arrived. I quickly found my friend who was asleep (probably from all of the missed flights the day prior 🙄) on a chair in the gate area. Boarding eventually started a few minutes late, 0805, instead of 0759.

The flight attendants greeted us with smiles and “good morning” as we entered the aircraft.  I knew from that moment that the flight would be good. Even the upbeat boarding music was fun.

We quickly found our seats towards the back half of Economy. I chose the aisle seat, while my friend chose the window. If I am flying in First or Business Class, I normally prefer the window seat, but in three across Economy, I will almost always choose the aisle.

American Airlines 737-800 Economy
American Airlines 737-800 Main Cabin Seat

The seat was fairly basic. The tray table folded down from the seat in front.  Be sure to wipe them down prior to use.


As far as entertainment goes, there was not any seatback entertainment or portable devices.  The aircraft instead had some screens that were installed in the ceiling throughout the cabin. What???

American Airlines 737-800 Economy
American Airlines 737-800 Main In-Flight Entertainment

With a nearly full load of passengers, boarding ended at 0836.  The captain did not make an announcement until 0837. When he did, he just said, “sit back relax and enjoy the flight”. The purser then provided a welcome announcement and informed us of the 2 hour and 20 minute flight time. We began our push back at 0839 (five minutes early). 

The safety demonstration was then performed.  After a 20 minute taxi, we were airborne.  The flight attendants started service approximately 30 minutes after takeoff. In Economy, we were provided a complimentary drink and cookie.  There were some other snacks for purchase but I did not partake. I did order a Jack and Coke though.

American Airlines 737-800 Economy
American Airlines 737-800 Main Cabin In-flight Snack

American Airlines 737-800 Economy

I played Tetris for the duration of the flight. One thing that stood out to me was that every flight attendant had a positive attitude. They were able to provide great service and personalized service with smiles on their faces for the entire flight.  My Jack and Coke never went empty either.

We arrived in Costa Rica a few minutes ahead of schedule.  After a short taxi, we arrived at our gate.

American Airlines 737-800 Economy
Southwest 737 in Costa Rica

Final Word

The short flight from Miami to San Jose, Costa Rica was great. I mean, I would have been able to make the Cessna as long as I finally arrived in Costa Rica.  The flight attendants were the best that I had ever experienced on American Airlines.  Well done to the entire crew.

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