Update: Timberline Steaks and Grille is STILL Open

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Last December, while on a mileage run to Denver, I visited a Priority Pass restaurant for the first time. That restaurant, Timberline Steaks and Grille was located in Terminal C at Denver International Airport. Priority Pass members received a $28 credit on food and drinks. I did not eat but I enjoyed a few drinks during my short stay at the restaurant.

Timberline Steaks and GrilleTimberline Steaks and Grille

A couple of months after my review, I wrote a post detailing how Timberline would be closing. The post detailed the reasoning for the closure of Timberline and some other stores. I speculated that the closure would make way for the yet to be completed American Express Centurion Lounge. I received an email the following week from a public relations firm stating that Timberline would not be closing. I did not know what to think of that e-mail. Was Timberline trying to save face? Was there inaccurate reporting on the closure?

I am in the process of planning some trips in the future and one has me routing through Denver. Naturally, I checked my Priority Pass app to see if any lounges or restaurants are available. The one and only Priority Pass restaurant opened at Denver International Airport is…Timberline Steaks and Grille.

Timberline Steaks and Grille

Final Word

I do not know what to make of this, except that for the time being, Timberline is still open. I am glad, as it gives guests at least one Priority Pass option at the airport. If you are in Denver and have Priority Pass access, please enjoy the $28 credit at this restaurant.

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