United Airlines Offers WiFi Subscriptions

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As much as I fly United Airlines, I did not know that it offers WiFi subscriptions. I knew United Club and Economy Plus subscriptions, were offered but did not have a clue about WiFi until a few days ago when I received an email. The email detailed the monthly and annual subscription options and figured that I would share it here.

The WiFi subscriptions are available in two coverage areas, North/Central America and Globally. I am fairly certain that the regions broken down like this to the different versions of satellites used on the regional and long haul aircraft.

Each area comes with a monthly and annual rate, as I mentioned earlier. The prices start out at $49 and $69 a month for the North/Central America and Global coverage areas, respectively. The packages can also be paid in miles, 7,500 or 10,500, if you choose.

The annual rates offer a discount on the monthly rates. The North/Central American package is $539, while the Global is $689. If you want to pay in miles, it will cost you 80,000 or 100,000.

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These subscriptions do not offer any value to the occasional travel but I know a lot of business travelers that could use this benefit.

Final Word

As for me, I would not purchase a subscription. The WiFi does not work going to/fromĀ Central America on the 737s. I have also experienced issues with the WiFi traveling to Beijing on the 777-200. The return flight from Beijing on the 777-300 was not much better. Again, this might have value for some people, but not me, at this point.

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