Lyft is Offering Discounted Rides to the Polls on November 6

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A little more than a week ago I wrote about Uber offering free rides to vote on November 6th.  Since the elections are three weeks away, I figured that I should check Lyft to see if they had a similar offer.  Here is what Lyft if offering on November 6th:

Lyft is offering 50% rides across the country and free rides to underserved communities.

  • 50% rides will work with, Turbovote, and Nonprofit Vote to distribute codes  to people that need them.  Lyft’s software will be integrated with local polling places.
  • For those underserved communities (identified by a Pew study as those who make less than $30,000 a year or are ethnic minorities) Lyft will provide free rides through nonpartisan, nonprofit partners.

Final Word

While I have had some issues with Lyft in the past, I think this is cool for them to get citizens to the polls. I do, however, find it funny that even when it is for a good cause, Lyft and Uber still find a way to compete. Please get out and vote.

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