Two Weeks to Use Lyft Referral Credits

A few days ago, I received an email from Lyft informing me that I had received a free ride from a new rider referral. It had been some time since I received a referral so I decided to check it out.


I opened the Lyft application to find that I did not have a “free” ride, but $2 off of my next five rides. On top of that, I had two weeks to use the five credits. This is completely different than Uber which allows you to keep referral credits for an indefinite period (as far as I know). I tend to use Uber more than Lyft because of the monthly credits that I receive from my American Express Platinum card.


Final Word
Lyft and Uber are fairly new to Wichita Falls. This has created a ton of options for getting around. The short window to use the credits will, in my opinion, reduce rider loyalty to Lyft. On one hand, I can appreciate having $2 towards my next five rides but I do not like the two week window to use the credits. I do not have any use for the credits at this point.

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