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Departure: 1720 JST
Arrival: 1830 JST
Seat: 4C
July 13, 2019

I checked my bag in Okinawa but had to pick it up in Nagoya, for some unknown reason. This caused me to exit the secure side of the airport and check in again. How in the *heck* did I end up picking up my bag on a one way ticket to Narita? The agent at check-in did, however, let me know that there was no way I was making connection in Narita. As much as I hated missing my flight, this allowed me to begin preparations for a night in Tokyo and a new ride back to Texas the next day.

Even though the agent told me there was a high probability of missing my connection, I decided to give Singapore Airlines a call to see if I had any alternatives. What kind of travel blogger/connoisseur would I be if I did not call? Elijah at Singapore Airlines, whom I called at least three times, gave me options: 1) press my luck with the flight in Narita, or 2) take a flight to Singapore before arriving to the states. I decided to grab a quick bite to eat before deciding. 

I ultimately decided to make my way to the gate for the flight to Tokyo. I did not want to fly back to Singapore and then onward to Los Angeles. Changi Airport is nice, especially Singapore Airlines Private Room, but I could not do it this time. As I approached the gate, I noticed a bit of a queue. Boarding had begun some time earlier and I missed it…maybe because I was making phone calls and whatnot. 


The Dash 8 was leaving from a remote stand so we took buses out to it. The only words spoken on the bus were from the automated system. It announced safety and travel to airplane information. The trip was only five minutes.

This was my first time flying on a Dash 8 and I was hella excited. I asked one of the ground guys if I could take pictures and he kinda shrugged…I took it as a yes. 

The ANA Bombardier Dash 8 was all economy seating, I assume it to be the same on all Dash 8s because a first class would not serve a real purpose. There was total of 36 seats spread across 19 rows.

While my seat was not too far front the front, I could not help but admire the bulkhead seats in rows 1 and 2, respectively.

I quickly approached aisle my seat, which was on the left side. Luckily, I did not have a seatmate…something that is always nice. There was a small tray table, which folded down from the seat back.

I was stoked to get two air nozzles all to myself. I am naturally hot so I appreciate the nozzles. The flight was not overly hot, but I appreciated the airflow.

Boarding was completed nine minutes prior to scheduled departure. The safety briefing started soon thereafter and the engines were started. There was a seven minute taxi and we were gone. 

The inflight service began 10 minutes after departure with the reclining and service announcement. The flight attendant soon made her appearance with ANA apron and small cart. 

The best thing was the guy sitting at the bulkhead. He decided to put his feet on the wall…this should have been on Passenger Shaming. SMBAH.

I ordered a Gotemba beer, which I had never tasted. It was a hefeweizen, very similar to Blue Moon. The beer was served with the same snacks as the previous flight. It would be great if airlines in the United States provided snacks like this.

WiFi was available on this airplane, but I did not try to use it. I could only think about my flight on Singapore Airlines and what I needed to do if I could not make the connection.

The pilot announced our initially descent, nearly 40 minutes prior to scheduled arrival. There was very bad turbulence that caused the airplane to sway from side to side.

Even with the bad weather/turbulence, we were able to touchdown four minutes ahead of schedule. I assumed we would be landing at a terminal but much to my displeasure, we landed at a remote stand.

We were directed to buses to take us to the terminal. The bus arrived at the terminal 17 minutes after the scheduled arrival time. I knew that there was not a chance to make my flight to Los Angeles, but I made a mad dash for baggage claim.

Final Word

My first experience on the Bombardier Dash 8 was not bad at all. I did not think the aircraft would have the same service or WiFi as the other aircraft classes. ANA proved me wrong on both accounts. I hope that my next flight on the Dash 8 is not filled with anxiety about my follow on segment so I can enjoy it a bit more.

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