Phillips Loop Blog Top 10 YouTube Videos (2020)

The past year was unusually quiet one for me (you too, right?). Due to the coronavirus pandemic and military restrictions, my travel was almost nonexistent. Since I did not travel, my reviews were few and far between.  I managed to total 21 posts during throughout the year. The Phillips Loop Blog YouTube Page, however, has continued to grow. I assume it is because travelers from all over the world were grounded. YouTube, along with other mediums, gained a lot of traffic because of the stay at home orders. 

In keeping up with tradition, I am posting Phillips Loop Blog Top 10 Videos of 2020. If you were around this time last year, you were able to view Phillips Loop Blog Top 12 YouTube Videos of 2019. The feedback for the post and the YouTube site has been positive. Thank you all for taking the time to check out our various social media pages. It really means the world to us.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 YouTube videos from 2020.

(ranked by views)

1. American Airlines Admirals Club – Charlotte

2. Renaissance Hotel – Kuala Lumpur/Deluxe King

3. Singapore Airlines A380 Double Bed Suite

4. The Club – Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

5. Hilton Anatole – Dallas/Parlor Room

6. ANA Lounge – Fukuoka/Asahi Draft Machine

7. Air China 777-300 – Houston to Panama/First Class

8. Boutique Air PC-12 – Dallas to Clovis

9. Avianca Airlines VIP Lounge – Bogota

10. Air China First Class Lounge – Beijing International Airport

Final Word

Thank you all so much for supporting this hobby of mine. I appreciate the continuous feedback across the different platforms. This year will be better than the last. Please follow our social medias and this site to be alerted when there is new post. Thanks again, see you in the sky.

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