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The two days in Fukuoka went by entirely too fast. My family and I said our “see you laters” and I headed to the lobby to secure transportation to the airport. Fukuoka International was just over 6 miles, ~10 kilometers, from the hotel. One of the bellmen, noticing my bags, asked if I wanted to go to Hakata Station or the airport. Very presumptuous, right? LOL, I am only kidding. I asked for the airport and was quickly in a taxi. There were actually three or four outside of the property. I needed one with “CARD OK” near the roof light as I was low on Japanese Yen

My destination was Okinawa so the very nice driver dropped me at the domestic terminal taxi stand. Taxis, no other cars or buses, were only allowed to drop people here. FYI: the taxi drivers have a lever to open and close the taxi doors. I think it is so cool. 

I entered the airport and made a quick left towards the All Nippon Airways (ANA) counter. After a casual, five minute walk,  the huge ANA counter was on the right. 

One of the staffers checked each passengers’ passport and ticket while we waited to approach the counter. The wait in the queue was about five minutes, but it did not seem long because I was people watching the entire time. When it was my turn, the agent stepped from behind the counter, waved, and bowed when I approached. In English, she asked my destination and for my passport The entire process took a little less than 12 minutes. 

As I was leaving, the agent informed me that I could upgrade to domestic business class for 8,000 yen (approximately $80 USD), which I purchased. She then informed me of the lounge access. Domestic lounge access? Sign. Me. Up. 

I turned back towards the entrance of the terminal and followed the signage for the lounges.

I took the escalator up one level and found the Japan Airlines and ANA lounges to the left. 

There was security just inside the doors that I needed to clear prior to going airside. This was my second time having direct lounge access from a dedicated security checkpoint. It makes me feel kind of giddy inside. The other time was when I was flying on Singapore Airlines A380 in Suites Class. Security was painless. I quickly made a left for the escalator that led up to the lounges. 

I scanned my boarding pass on a machine and walked into the business class lounge on the left. The ANA Suites Lounge was located to the right. The staffers merely smiled and waved me through.

The first thing I noticed, prior to stepping foot into the lounge, were the awesome views of the parking apron and one of the runways. I enjoy a lounge with a great view.

The lounge was a big, open space. There was a lot of seating throughout. The lounge reminded me of an office or library with the low level of noise and the furniture. I was nervous getting a glass from the cooler for fear of making to much noise.


No snacks were offered in the lounge, but there were plenty of drinks. It was early in the morning, but I decided to have a drink or two. This was all for the blog, of course. LOL. There were four different draft beers, whiskey, soda, coffee, juice, and milk on offer. The best part was the automated beer machine…I need one!

I may or may not have used the machine three or four times because it was so cool. The lounge offered newspapers, which kept me busy for a few minutes.

Tucked in the corner, near the entrance of the lounge, was an area that included a business center and smoke rooms. The smoke rooms accommodates/respects smokers and non-smokers. It allows smokers to have cigarettes without having to clear security and going outside, like here in the United States. These rooms keep the smoke away from the non-smokers, which I appreciate. The smoke rooms are in most, if not all, airports in Japan.

I enjoyed sitting in the peacefulness of the lounge with a drink in my hand. I did not bring out my laptop and rarely opened my phone during the visit. The tranquility in the lounge was something I very much needed.

Final Word

The ANA Business Class Lounge was understated, but just right. The low noise level, coupled with the tranquil feel of the lounge, made this a go to lounge when I visit Fukuoka again. I cannot tell you how relaxed it made me feel. The automated beer machine was my favorite part of the lounge, if you could not tell. I need to find one of those for my house. Lastly, the smoke room is the most respectful part of the lounge. I appreciate how it accommodates smokers and non-smokers. This lounge was a hit, good job ANA.

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