Review: Sortis Hotel and Casino – Panama City

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After a great flight from Houston to Panama, I grabbed an Uber to the Sortis Hotel and Casino. The hotel was one of two that I visited during my time in Panama City.


I booked a King Deluxe room for almost $125/night at the regular rate.  I used my Marriott Rewards credit cardto pay for the stay. I was able to earn 2,775 points (1,140 base points, 600 credit card points, 750 Megabonus points, and 285 elite bonus points as a Marriott Rewards Gold member)


The hotel was located 15 minutes from Tocumen International Airport.  If I had a car, valet parking was available for $5. The price was good for the duration of the stay.


The front desk was to the left when I entered the hotel through the main entrance.

Sortis Hotel and Casino
Sortis Hotel and Casino Front Desk

There were no guests ahead of me so I was helped immediately.  I was welcomed back to Marriott and thanked for being a Marriott Gold member.  The agent asked to make a copy of a form of identification.  This is common practice at most hotels outside of the United States. I was informed that I had been upgraded to a suite. Nice!   I loved the seating area next to the front desk. After a few minutes, I had my keys in had made my way to the room.



The room was located on the sixth floor.  I exited the elevator and made a right to the end of the hall.


Upon entering the suite, I could not help but marvel at all of the space that I had for a night.  I will stay at the property longer when I visit Panama again.  The living side of the suite had a full kitchen, dining table, and nice living area.  It also had a full bathroom to the left (behind the door) as you enter the room. I did not notice it until after check out.  One thing that stood out to me was the art in the kitchen, it was dope.

Sortis Hotel and Casino
Sortis Hotel and Casino Suite
Sortis Hotel and Casino
Sortis Hotel and Casino Art

The sleeping area consisted of a huge bed, desk, chair, and the second bathroom. The chair was for looks because it was so uncomfortable.  The bathroom was spacious.  The only issue that I had with it was the temperature of the water in the shower.

Sortis Hotel and Casino
Sortis Hotel and Casino Suite



There were a TON of dining options at the property.  I will start with the lower level and work my way up. I did not eat at the property but I did have a drink at most of them so I will give my impression.  The lobby had three restaurants located opposite of the front desk.

Prime Steakhouse

When I visited, there some sort of business meeting happening.  The workers were at the bar, taking shots, and planning out their next marketing campaign.  I really liked the décor of Prime, it was by far the most aesthetically pleasing restaurant on the property.


Veuve Clicquot Champagne Lounge

The lounge was not really a lounge but a bar out in the open.  I could order food from any restaurant and have it delivered to the lounge.  I chose to sample champagne and relax.


Fenicia Restaurant

I did not visit this restaurant because there were not many people eating there. I should have given it a try but due to limited time, I chose to visit other spots.


Score Sports Bar

Score is located on the casino.  After you exit the elevator, take two right turns and you will enter Score. The bar has standard bar food.  It was busy when I arrived in the afternoon. The crowd dispersed towards dinner time.


Manabi Restaurant

Manabi was located on the fitness/spa level.  It appeared to be a fine dining restaurant because of the décor and piano, but thought went away when I was told that they have breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets.  I only wanted a drink at the wine bar but that was not possible as all of the staff were preparing for the lunch service.  I was instead taken to the pool bar to have a drink.



The fitness center was located a few levels above the lobby.  It included the fitness center, spa, and outdoor swimming pool.  The fitness center was huge and very clean.  It was one of the better hotel fitness centers.  The outdoor pool would have been great for lounging but the rain made that impossible.



The casino was located on its level.  There was an armed security guard just inside the entrance.  I visited the poker room which was a mistake.  It was a local $2/$5 game. I never saw any of them give money to the cashier, who happened to be a player also.


Final Word

The Sortis Hotel and Casino exceeded my expectations.  I enjoyed the suite upgrade and the amount of restaurants on site.  The staff was friendly and accommodating.  The poker room was a free for all but I expected it after reading reviews on line.  I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Panama.

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