Review: Tocumen Royal Saloon Lounge

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At this point of my journey, I was ready to return to the United States. The frustrating Avianca Airlines customer service soured my mood. After I booked a last minute return flight on United Airlines, I made my way to the Tocumen Royal Saloon. Tocumen Royal Saloon is one of two Priority Pass lounges at Tocumen International Airport, the other being the Copa Club. I had access to lounge due to my American Express Platinum card.

The lounge was located on the third level (one level above departures). It was to the right after exiting the escalator. The front desk was to the left, in a small corridor, as I entered the lounge. It took a few minutes for an agent, who was in the back cleaning, to acknowledge me. I showed my boarding pass and priority pass card. The agent quickly welcomed me into the lounge.

Tocumen Royal Saloon
Tocumen Royal Saloon Entrance
Tocumen Royal Saloon
Tocumen Royal Saloon Front Desk

Note: There is a maximum three hour stay and alcoholic beverages are limited to three per person.

The first thing that I encountered was the small snack table. It was the centerpiece after entering the lounge. The table was, by far, the saddest lounge food offering that I had ever seen. There were some cold meats, cheese, bread, and assorted snacks. Plastic was covering all of the food. Come to think of it, no one ever removed the plastic. I tried some cheese and cold cuts. They were just ok.

Tocumen Royal SaloonDSC02674

I went to the front desk to request a beer since the beer cooler is behind the front desk (look closer at the above picture). The agent asked me to return to the lounge and the beer would be delivered to me. Um, ok??? I decided to snap a few pictures. The main seating area was separated by the food table. There were 13 seats to the left and a few more on the right.

Tocumen Royal Saloon
Tocumen Royal Saloon Seating

There was a quiet room in the right corner that contain about 15 more chairs. A family of four occupied the room for my entire stay.

Tocumen Royal Saloon
Tocumen Royal Saloon Seating

The lounge offered Wi-Fi, but it was unusable. There were no other amenities offered.

Final Word

The Tocumen Royal Saloon is the perfect lounge if you are looking for a quiet place to relax prior to your flight. I enjoyed it for that reason. If you are looking to load up on alcohol or food, this is not the lounge for you. I would visit the Tocumen Royal Saloon again.


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