Review: United Airlines (737-900) First Class – Dallas to Houston

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This will not be full review. I have reviewed this route before.

UA 570
Landing: 0852
Flight time: 1hr 7min
Seat: 1F
July 22, 2018

I slept later than I would like for a flight at this time. This put me in a panic until I reached my seat on the plane. I had a few things working in my favor: 1) I could leave my car at the Marriott which reduced my time because I did not have to find parking at the airport, and 2) since the hotel was at the airport’s south entrance, Terminal E (United’s Terminal) was close.

The Uber dropped me off at the lower E gates and I hurried to the check in counter. I could not check in on the United app because I was flying internationally. Check in took only a few minutes. I then had a short walk to the security checkpoint. The lower E gates do not have TSA PreCheck. There are two queues, one for economy and one for premium passengers. I queued in the line for premium passengers. There was not a difference in either line as both were slow.

I made it through security after 20 minutes of standing around and had to make a dash for the plane. I made it just as the second group was boarding. After settling in my seat, I was offered a predeparture beverage.

United Airlines 737-900 First Class
United Airlines 737-900 First Class Seat


The rest of the boarding process was normal and soon enough we were leaving the. After we were airborne, the flight attendants quickly started beverage service. My row mate got up to use the restroom and left this on the center console. 😮 The bag was full of pills.


The next thing that occurred made me do this 😮😮😮.  I asked for a stroopwaffel, a delicious pastry usually offered in economy on morning flights. Well, not anymore, the flight attendant informed me that stroopwaffels were no longer offered by United. Instead guests are offered this as a replacement.


After this sorcery, I was done with the flight so I took a quick nap.

Final Word

The morning started on a bad note but it got even worse when we were airborne.  I could have done without the pills on the console or the discontinuation of the stroopwaffel, but not both things as it was wayyyy to early for that.

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