Update: I Have Received Some United Airlines Miles from Reliant Energy

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I am growing increasingly frustrated with the pace at which I am receiving the United Airlines miles from Reliant Energy. The situation was supposedly resolved a couple of weeks ago when I phoned Reliant to provide my United Airlines MileagePlus number. I was assured that all of the miles (16,000 to be exact) would appear in my account within 10 days. I checked my account earlier to see that the monthly bonus miles were deposited and not the initial bonus miles.


I quickly phoned Reliant to inquire about the missing miles. After a few minutes on the phone, the agent informed me that the initial bonus miles were not processed during my last call. I gave her my information again so that she could complete a claim form on my behalf. She assured me that I would receive a call within two days informing that the claim had been processed.

I do not have a need for the miles at the present moment, but it would be great to have them in my account should a deal arise. The agent was more than helpful and I am sure this will be resolved, I just do not know how long it will take.

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