Update: I Have Not Received My United Airlines Bonus Miles from Reliant Energy

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About three months ago, I wrote about how I “received” 27,000 United Airlines miles by making the switch to Reliant Energy for my home electricity needs. It has been just a bit more than the 10 week time that I was given by the customer service agent during my initial phone call. I have checked my United MileagePlus account daily to see how long it would actually take to receive the bonus mile. Yesterday, I received the following email from Reliant Energy:

Dear Roberto,

Thank you for choosing Reliant as your electricity provider. We’re pleased to have you as a customer.

We hope you’re enjoying your new plan, which provides you with a great price on electricity as well as valuable United MileagePlus® miles. But don’t miss out – to begin having reward miles credited to your MileagePlus® account, please provide us with your MileagePlus® account number and name.

There are two easy ways to provide us your MileagePlus® account number and name:

  • Reply to this email
  • Call us at 1.866.RELIANT

To avoid any delay in receiving your MileagePlus® miles, you’ll want to send us your member number and name as soon as possible. And if you don’t already have a MileagePlus® account, you can sign up for one for free at http://www.united.com/join

I have a few issues with this e-mail. 1) I provided my membership number on the day that I signed up for service, 2) I will not reply to a random e-mail with the sensitive information that they requested, and 3) I would have appreciated if I had known before last night that my information for United Airlines was not in the system.

I hope that the issue is quickly rectified and the miles are deposited into my United Airlines MileagePlus account.



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