Review: United Airlines (737-800) Economy Plus – Panama to Houston

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Review: United Airlines (737-800) Economy Plus – Panama to Houston

UA 1031
Landing: 1420
Flight time: 4hr 25min
Seat: 7C
July 24, 2018

I made my way to the gate 20 minutes prior to boarding. It was a good thing that I because the gate security took 25 minutes. I approached the gate as my group, Group 2, was boarding. 


I quickly found my seat, 7C. This is my favorite seat in Economy Plus. It had aisle access and was located at the bulkhead. It was great that the middle seat was open between myself and the passenger in the window seat. 


United Airlines 737-800 Economy Plus
United Airlines 737-800 Economy Plus Bulkhead Seating

I just missed out on a complimentary upgrade, but that did not matter, I just wanted to get back home after the excitement that Avianca Airlines put me through earlier in the morning. The food was not that good on my last flight United Airlines flight to Central America.  I booked this one way ticket for 17,500 Miles through United.  

Boarding was efficient. All passengers were in seats 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. The pilot informed us of an on time departure but noted that there would be turbulence on the climb out. 

The doors were closed and we were on our way. After a short taxi, we were airborne. We had a smooth takeoff, so much for the turbulence.  Service started 15 minutes after takeoff. I ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich with a Jack and Diet Coke as the drink. 

United Airlines 737-800 Economy Plus
United Airlines Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


The sandwich was delivered quickly. It was very hot and the chicken was tasty, except there was not a lot of it. There was too much bread for me. I cut the sandwich in half and consolidated the meat on one side. I finished the sandwich quickly and took a nap. 

Final Word 

I was happy that United Airlines had award availability a few hours before the flight. It was the perfect way to end my two days in Panama. I am happy that got to fly Air China and visit the Panama Canal. Thanks again for following along. 

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