Spirit Airlines: From Bad to Worse

A few days ago, I wrote how the flight attendants on my Dallas-Fort Worth flight to Orlando were not the most proactive. My booking was roundtrip, so it couldn’t get any worse, right?

NK390 out of Orlando appeared to be delayed at gate 9. I stood in the gate area, where six gates converged and never heard a boarding announcement nor did I see the boarding door open. I asked the gate agent about getting on the flight, and even though the plane was still connected to the jet bridge, see sent me to Customer Service at gate 1.

I made a post on Facebook and received the following.


I was rebooked on NK314 which was scheduled to depart approximately 45 minutes later. No issues there so I visited The Club at MCO, a Priority Pass Lounge. I did not take pictures because the lounge was hella crowded…there was a waitlist to enter.

The flight to Dallas was uneventful. Malissa (sp) and the other flight attendants were awesome. I was able to secure a BIG FRONT SEAT for $17 at the gate.

Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat price on the app
Spirit Airlines Big Front Seats blocked prior to flight

I was so pissed that I dissected the crappy lettering on the bulkhead.

Spirit Airlines A319 bulkhead
Spirit Airlines A319 bulkhead

Upon arrival in Dallas and being sent to two different carousels, I was informed that my bag never left Orlando. How?! They had two chances to get it to Dallas and screwed up. I understand that bags are removed if the accompanying customer is not aboard but it should have made the second flight without issue.

I was given a QR code at the airport and told to provide the info requested and to file a claim if my bag is not received in five days.

Spirit Airlines lost baggage code

At least my name was correct on this correspondence.


We are going on to day four and have not received my bag. Everything in the bag is replaceable. Do not let me venting diminish that point. However, Spirit Airlines has a done a poor job of locating, returning, reimbursing my bag. The $50 for the delayed flight “inconvenience” was also lackluster. The airline should be avoided at all costs, even the cheapest.

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