Spirit Airlines Inflight Service: I’m Torn

Greetings from Orlando, Flo-Rida. I am in town to meet my brother from another mother to celebrate his retirement from the military. While I am excited for him and the family, Spirit Airlines was not something i had in the cards.

Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat

Well, I flew Spirit Airlines for the first time today and it was…different. The seat belt sign was turned off 10 minutes into the flight. All of the flight attendants went about their day…their own day. One ate lunch while another read a book. I decided to see if could order something through the mobile app.

Spirit Ala Smarte Menu

There was no way to order through the app so I asked the lunching flight attendant seated in 1D how to order. He stated the other two would come through the cabin with a cart, which is usually done as soon as the jet reaches cruise. We were well past cruising.

Once their snacks were complete and conversations ended, the carts were prepped. The cart finally came through the cabin approximately 30 minutes into flight.

Big Mic was clutch
Breakfast of Champs

Service ended three minutes later as many passengers were not purchasing snacks or drinks. I found it interesting that two flight attendants were sitting in front of me, talking about their lives while the flight attendant next to me ate his lunch and was reading a book and discussing his upcoming European cruise with a fourth flight attendant in the back of the cabin. This was too much for me. 😂

Before landing in Orlando, a fifth attendant joined us at the front of the aircraft. How many attendants are needed on a flight with no service???

I leave y’all with a few questions:

⁃ Is this normal on Spirit Airlines?

⁃ Am I wrong for thinking it’s weird for a flight attendant to sit next to me while on duty?

⁃ Are five flight attendants needed for the level of service provided?

Final Word

My first flight on Spirit Airlines was kind of wild. The flight attendants were some of the least attentive people ever. If they have time for other activities during the segment, why are there so many onboard?

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