Review: United Airlines (787-900) Economy Plus Singapore to Los Angeles

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I will not give you a complete review of this flight because the seat and aircraft were the same as the flight from Los Angeles. I will briefly provide some things that stood out to me.  For me details, click here.

At 1010 there was an announcement in the lounge that UA38 was boarding. I finished working and headed for the gate. The gate, E27, was located at the end of of the terminal. It was a 12 minute walk.

When I got to the gate, there was additional screening. Bags were being scanned and passengers were processed through metal detectors. Premier Access customers had one lane and the remaining passengers had the other. My boarding pass was checked three more times. After 15 minutes in the queue, I was finally through.

A few minutes after settling into my seat, a customer service agent approached me. The conversation went like this:

Agent: Mr. Short?
Me: Yes?
Agent: On behalf of United, I would like to wish you a happy birthday.
Me: Wow. Thank you so much.

She gave me the following card.


This was a nice gesture on the part of the company.  During the flight, an attendant gave me cheesecake as a birthday present.

Final Word

I did not mentally prepare to be on the aircraft for almost 18 hours again.  The customer service agent and the flight attendant made the day tolerable by recognizing my birthday.  Well, done United.

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