Review: American Express Centurion Lounge – Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

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I parked at DFW Airport Remote South.  From there, it was a short ride to the Terminal E, where my United Airlines flight was departing.  I wanted to combine itineraries but no such luck.  This would prevent me from being automatically being rebooked on a United flight after my Singapore delay.  I arrived at E6 security checkpoint at 1216.  I was informed that TSA PreCheck was at gate E18, a five minute walk away.  I decided to use E6 checkpoint.  After an additional screening, I was through security 12 minutes later.

The walk to the DFW Skylink was four minutes.


I took the five minute Skylink ride to Terminal D where the AMEX Centurion Lounge is located.


From there, it was a one minute walk to the lounge.  The lounge is located across from gate D17.


I took the escalator up to the lounge.


Upon entering the lounge, I provided my ID, AMEX Platinum card, and boarding pass to gain access.


To the right of the check in desk was some refreshments, seating with a long table, and a meeting room.


I made a left and then another left down a long hallway towards the dining area.

2DD88A91-6C61-4582-A793-137515953DF8.jpegThe place felt very cramped.  In my opinion, there were too many tables packed into the main dining area. (Not pictured, too many people)

Straight through the dining area was more seating.


The thing that saved the lounge was the food.  It looked delicious.


I went with the herb crusted chicken, roasted autumn veggies, and butternut squash with kale. The chicken was a bit dry, I did not enjoy the squash, at least the veggies were there to salvage the meal.


There was also a full bar, everything was complimentary.


Final Word

Overall, the lounge was more than adequate for me to spend some time before my flight. If you are traveling with a family of four, you will have a hard time finding seating together.  I wish the lounge was bigger, but there is no room for it to grow in its current location.  I will be visiting the lounge again in the future.

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