Review: United Club Los Angeles International Airport

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I made my way from the AMEX Centurion Lounge to catch the Skylink back to Terminal E. My next two flights, which I will not be reviewing, were regional flights operated by United Airlines’ subsidiaries. If you want to read a review, click here. The only exciting thing to happen on these flights was the one and a half hour delay due to vanilla creme wafers.

My flight from Houston arrived at LAX’s Terminal 8, gate 86. From there, it was a short walk to the United Club. I intended to visit the Korean Air Lounge and the Star Alliance Lounge but I did not have time.  The Club is located next to gate 71A.  Ironically, this is the gate where I missed my Houston flight a few days later.


I had access to the club because I am a United Premier Gold member, who was flying internationally in economy.

I took the escalator up to the main lounge area.


The main seating area is to left. The space is huge with plenty of seating.


Behind that is the bar area. I like sitting at the bar talking to Adan, whom I have met on several occasions, and Maria, whom I have met twice. They make the lounge experience better, in my opinion. Only bottom shelf spirits, wine, and beer were complimentary.


To the right of the bar area was the food area. This is most definitely the lowlight of the lounge. The food selection resembled a continental breakfast bar.


Behind the bar is an outdoor terrace, It is beautiful during the day.  It is constantly packed with people.


Final Word

The United Club misses the mark on food and alcohol, but makes up for it with nice staff and plenty of seating. If I am comparing this lounge to the DFW AMEX lounge, I would have to say that I prefer the United Club LAX because of the staff.  I wish that it had showers though.

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