Review: United Airlines (787-900) Economy Plus Los Angeles to Singapore

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United launched this flight, its longest, on October 27th.  The flight travels 8,700 miles and is scheduled for almost 18 hours.


Boarding began at 2015.  I quickly found my seat, 16C.  It was an aisle, Economy Plus seat at the bulkhead…right behind the rear business class cabin.


So close
So close

At the seat was a small pillow and very thin blanket.


The remote control was located on the inside of the right armrest.  The entire seat was controlled from this.  I found it frustrating that the controller was immovable.


Boarding was completed 30 minutes later, 10 minutes prior to the designated time.  The pilot informed us that we had a 25 minute delay due to Changi airport having a noise curfew.  How did you not know this United?

While we waited, I went to the restroom to change.  There were a total of four in Economy, two behind Economy Plus and two behind regular Economy near the rear galley.  The room was small and the only amenity available was soap.


We pushed from the gate at 2127 and the crew informed us of a 17 hour flight time. At 2140, while on the taxiway, the captain informed us that ‘they’ were working a maintenance issue. (This had been the theme of United that day, click here). There was an 8 minute taxi and long takeoff roll, we were airborne at 2202.


The flight attendant, Lynn, was really nice. She had a lot of energy and was fun to talk with. She told me how she arrived from Singapore the day before, but volunteered to go back. 😮 Food service began 20 minutes after takeoff. The choice was between chicken and noodles. I chose the chicken. The chicken was decent but the salad and bread were bad.


Trays were cleared 25 minutes after service began.  For a mid flight snack, We were given a turkey sandwich and M&Ms.  The sandwich was terrible.


The meal choice pre-arrival was a choice between swiss cheese omelet w/ chicken sausage or noodles.  I chose the omelet, it was ok.  The potatoes were really good.



I do not usually watch movies on flights, so I used the monitor to watch the air show.  I purchased WiFi for $35 to do some work, but it went out 10 minutes later and kept going out throughout the flight.


Final Word

The flight was not memorable, beside it being the longest that I have ever spent in an airplane.  Lynn was a highlight of the flight, she was always nice and even recommended places to eat in Singapore.


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