Perplexed: Breach in Travel Etiquette or Worst Friend Ever???

I have fond memories of my time living in New Hampshire. From the food, to the beer (did someone say Heady Topper?), to the Granite State of Mind parody.

The best thing were the people, they were mostly nice.  While at the dentist, I received a text from a friend (I’ll call him “Starren”) that I knew from my time there.  We both have been traveling a lot over the past year since I moved to Texas, but today it seemed as the planets had aligned, and we would finally be able to grab a beer.   The conversation follows:

Starren: 30 minutes from your town.

Let me stop this right here. What would you think of your friend sent you this? I was thinking that we were about to meet, I have never been so wrong in my life.

The conversation continues…

Me: Oh yeah? Are you stopping by?

S: Sorry, car load of people, can’t. Come to Dallas.

I felt like I was being Punk’d there.

Me: I can’t go to Dallas tonight, I have work projects due tomorrow.

S: Take time off of work.

Again, WTF.

Me: How are you going to ride through my town and not see me?

S: Sorry. Drive to Dallas for dinner.

Me: Nah man. That is not a short trip.

This entire conversation got me triggered. I have two thoughts about it 1) If you know that you cannot, do not text your friends if you are in their town 2) if you do text, explain your disposition in the initial correspondence.  I almost put Starren on the block/delete list.  This is definitely a breach in travel etiquette.  SMH.

Has any of your friends ever committed such a heinous act? Have you?

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