Rookie Mistake: Take Your Priority Pass Card When Traveling Internationally

A few weeks ago I went to Singapore on a United Airlines’ mileage run. The trip had its share of ups and downs…there were a lot of downs.  LOL.  One thing that I screwed up was not taking my physical Priority Pass card.  I have Priority Pass through my American Express Platinum and Citi Prestige cards.

I depend on the mobile card through the Priority Pass app when travelling domestically.  That method backfired on me in Singapore.  I tried to purchase the international plan from Verizon for $10, but it did not work during my two days.  On the day of my return flight to Los Angeles, I figured that I could use the public Wi-Fi at Changi Airport to access my card so that I could access the SATS Premier Lounge.


That did not work out because the Wi-Fi system sends a text code to your mobile number for access…again, I did not have access to my data plan to receive the code.

I decided to make my way towards the lounge anyway.  After standing in line for some minutes, I finally got a chance to speak with the agent.


I asked if I could step inside the lounge to access the Priority Pass app to retrieve my mobile card. He let me inside, and within minutes I retrieved my card.  Whew.

Final Word

Let this story be a warning to any of you that are traveling abroad.  Do not rely solely on your smartphone because you may end up looking dumb like me.

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