Dedication: Only Two Days Off a Year?!?!

Note: this post has nothing to do with travel, but is nonetheless important. 

At least three times a week, I go to Fresh Donuts for a cup of coffee. Fresh Donuts is located at  3701 Fairway Blvd Ste 106 in Wichita Falls, Texas. The staff is always great and the owners are some of the sweetest people that you would ever meet.

I went by the store yesterday to grab my coffee before work but they were closed.  I immediately thought the worse because the store is never closed. Today, I went in to get my coffee and was greeted by the owner with a ‘good morning’.  We made small talk and I asked her if everything was ok because was atypical for them to be closed.  She smiled, and said, ‘my husband needed a day off because he only takes two days off a year’.  Whatttttttt????

I never really thought about it until that moment.  The husband is always in the back making donuts when I go to the store.  He works at least 12 hours every day.  It was in that moment that I become refocused on the things that I want to achieve.

Final Word

This reinforces the fact that if you want your business to succeed, you have to grind, grind, grind, and grind some more. I will look to this example when I want to complain about being tired and putting off until later. I ask you this:  1) are you short changing yourself?  2) do you know someone who is out working you?

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