Oops! Business Card Fail

I have been providing my friends with travel advice for quite some time now.  It was only a few months ago that I started this blog to expand my audience.  With that, I ordered some business cards to promote my company.  Great, right?  Well, that is until I realized (weeks after giving the cards out) that there is a mistake with the address.


Well, I had two options:  1) keep giving out the cards with the incorrect mailing address (because no one is sending me mail at the moment) 2) correct the mailing address and order new cards.

I chose to order new cards.


While I am sure that I will not be receiving mail any time soon, I could not continue to give out cards with the incorrect address.  It was a simple mistake to correct, but one that I should have gotten right the first time.  Let this be a lesson, proofread because some things cannot be edited quickly.

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