Review: United Airlines (ERJ-175) First Class Oklahoma City to Denver

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Review: United Airlines (ERJ-175) First Class Oklahoma City to Denver
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Review:  United Airlines (CRJ-700) First Class Denver to Oklahoma City

UA 5761
Takeoff: 0610
Landing: 0659
Flight time: 1hr 47min

I arrived at Will Rogers World Airport at 5:15 a.m., about 30 minutes before boarding was scheduled to start. After parking, checking a bag, and processing through security, I arrived at the gate at 5:40. This was five minutes before boarding was scheduled to begin and Group 3 was already boarding.

I was on the plane within minutes and was greeted with a good morning from Adrian, the flight attendant who would be taking care of first class. I found my seat, 4A. It was the last row of first class on the left side of the aircraft. I chose the left side because there is a single seat.

ERJ-175 seat


I really like these seats. It feels like a recliner.  There are two dedicated air vents for the seat.

air vents


The tray table extends from the right armrest. It can be used halved….


…or whole.


There is also a drink holder that extends out of the left armrest.


I used it to hold my predeparture beverage.


Boarding was complete at 5:59.

The safety demo began a few minutes later. I only knew this because I felt my headrest moving. The economy cabin’s flight attendant used my seat to store her safety demo items. 🤔

The pilot informed us that our flight time would be 1hr 21min. The lights were dimmed for takeoff.


We pushed back from the gate 15 minutes after boarding ended. Four minutes later, deicing of the aircraft began.

Deicing Truck OKC



There was not any precipitation in the air nor on the ground. It was below freezing though.

At 6:30, deicing was completed. We began taxiing ten minutes later. At 6:47, we were airborne.

Lining up on Runway 17R
Views departing OKC
Views departing OKC


Snack service began 12 minutes later. The snack basket was miserable.

Sad snack basket


Adrian explained that their original plane was changed so she had to find some snacks for us to have. The explanation was much appreciated, but not needed. On such an early flight, a Stroopwafel is good enough for me.




Wi-Fi was available on the flight for $5.99.


I opted to look out the window.

flying over colorado


Before long, we were landing in Denver.

sunrise at Denver
ERJ-175 parked at Denver


Final Word

The flight was comfortable and Adrian did a great job taking care of us.  I was ready to enjoy my full day in Denver.

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