Review: United Airlines (A319) First Class Houston to Dallas

UA 2013
Takeoff: 1205
Landing: 1325
Flight time: 1hr 20min
Seat 1A (First Class)

I had a bit too much fun hanging at the American Express Centurion Lounge, which resulted in me leaving as boarding for my flight to was set to begin boarding. This led to me being one of the last to board. I found overhead bin space and tried to store my backpack. It was at this moment that my camera fell out of my pocket. The flight, as far as I was concerned, was over. (here is a full review of the service on United’s A320)

Sony lens

After picking up my broken camera, I settled into seat 1A. I paid $59 to upgrade because I did not want to be stuck next to a space invader in Economy Plus. The captain came on to inform us of a quick 38 minute flight time.

Still thinking about my camera and how I could be so careless, I looked out of the window for the entire flight.


I tried to get on the internet, but it was not working.


I ordered a jack and diet coke.


Soon enough, we were landing in Dallas.


Final Word

I am happy about my quick trip to Boston and Nashville. These cities are two of my favorite in the United States. I cannot wait to visit again. With my next trip a few weeks away, I need to rest and research the places I should visit while, in Italy, Germany, and England.

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