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After experiencing delays in Houston and Singapore during this trip, I was looking for to an uneventful flight.  A huge thanks to Jerry Barca for getting me on this flight.  If I had paid for the flight, it would have been $285.

I arrived at the gate five minutes after the scheduled boarding time and to my surprise, Group 5 was boarding.  American Airlines has nine boarding groups.  I quickly got into the queue and my boarding pass was scanned within minutes.  American Airlines had this as you entered the jet bridge.


On one hand, it is cool that the airline has snacks for all fliers, but why not give these snacks in the airplane?  It seemed a bit tacky to me.


There was one flight attendant welcoming customers as we entered through door 2L.  I walked to the far side of the airplane and turned right to enter the second business class cabin.  This internationally configured 772 has 40 seats in business class in a 1-2-1 set up.  Every seat has direct aisle access.


I settled into my seat, 10L.



On the right side of the seat were two storage bins.  One bin contained USB and power ports.


The inflight entertainment could be accessed by using the touchscreen or the remote.


There were no pre-departure beverages. The scheduled flight time 2hr 7min. This would put me in to Dallas at 6:40pm nearly an hour before my original United flight was due to land.  Score!

It was a gorgeous day in Los Angeles.


Service started 25 minutes after departure. It went like this, ‘something to drink?’. ‘garden salad or turkey wrap?’ The flight attendant on the opposite aisle said ‘hi’ to the fliers on her side and also introduced herself.  Because of this interaction, she continued taking orders for five minutes after the flight attendant serving my side had left.

Drinks came at 50min into the flight.  The flight attendant knew that it was my birthday so she kept bringing Jack Daniels and diet Coke.

The entree came at 1hr into the flight.  I ordered the turkey wrap with sea salt chips. A lady across ordered salad but she didn’t want the pita chips, instead she asked for sea salt chips. The flight attendant told her that she was out, so I gave her mine.



One thing to note, if the seat is angled a little bit, you cannot get out without returning it to the upright position.


Before we began our descent, I check out the restrooms and galley between the business class cabins.


We landed at 647pm and it took us about 25 minutes to get to the gate.  I think we landed in Denton.  SMH.


Final Word

This flight was a perfect way to get home.  I was ecstatic to get home in time for my birthday dinner.  I would take this flight again without hesitation.

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