Review: Copa Club – Tocumen International Airport

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After spending a short time in the Tocumen Royal Saloon, it was time for me to get downstairs to clear security. I was through the checkpoint in less than five minutes. The gate for my flight was to the right. I walked over to check if there any delays or changes, there were not any. I did notice a robust gate screening, much like the ones in Asia. With a few minutes to spare, I made a U-turn and headed to the Copa Club.

Copa Club Tocumen International Airport
Copa Club Tocumen International Airport

The Copa Club was located on the third level, just as the Royal Saloon. I did not see any stairs so I took the elevator. The front desk was crowded. There were two lines, one for Star Alliance Gold and the other for Priority Pass members. I used the Priority Pass from the American Express Platinum card to enter the Royal Saloon but used my boarding pass, as Star Alliance Gold, for access here.

Copa Club Tocumen International Airport
Copa Club Tocumen International Airport Front Desk

It took about 10 minutes before I was inside of the lounge.  I was only in the lounge for a few minutes so this is my impression during that time.  The lounge was one huge room.  Seating covered most of the lounge.  This was a good call by the designer because a majority of passengers have access.


The food area was just in front of the bar.  It was similar to the options at a United Club, but that did not stop guests from forming lines for the offerings.

Copa Club Tocumen International Airport
Copa Club Tocumen International Airport Snack Station

At the very back of the lounge was a few more seats and the bar.  I stopped by for a drink and quickly made my way to the gate.  I did not want to miss this flight.


Final Word

The Copa Club was the opposite of the Tocumen Royal Saloon.  It was noisy, but all of the alcohol was complimentary and there were more food options…barely.  I heard that there was a shower but I did not see signage for it.  I need to visit this lounge again to get a better feel for it or maybe this was the only feel that I needed?

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