OMG: Stroopwafels!!!

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OMG:  Stroopwafels!!!
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The time for me to head back to Texas had finally come. This trip did not go as I envisioned, but I was able to make the best out of the situation. I was anxious to return home, however, I swapped the 777-200 return to Houston in favor of having a layover in San Francisco. The flight and subsequent layover in San Francisco added five hours on my trip. This allowed me to visit Yankee Pier (review is next in the trip report).

A United Airlines 737-900 operated the flight to San Francisco. I have flown on the aircraft type before so I will not be reviewing it. The purpose of this post is to rave about the stroopwafels. If you have been reading this blog for some time, you know stroopwafels are a must have on my early morning departures.

United discontinued the stroopwafels last summer in favor of some wafers that were practically inedible. The wafer experiment continued until the end of 2018. I rejoiced when United announced the stroopwafel would make its return in January 2019. There is something about the caramel, vanilla, and cinnamon filled waffle that provides a sense of normalcy and sugar rush during my trips.

United Airlines ERJ-175 First Class
Bourbon and stroopwafels

United Airlines CRJ-700 Nashville

United Airlines 737-800 Economy Plus Dallas to Chicago
United Airlines 737-800 Economy Plus Snack and Drink

I thought my quest for a stroopwafel would have been complete on the outbound leg from Houston but it was not to be, as the flight’s scheduled departure was after 10:30 am. The flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco is rather short. This meant that the flight attendants were busy from the time that we reached cruising altitude until we began our initial descent (roughly 30 minutes). During the time, the flight attendant working the first class cabin offered some fruit and snacks from a basket. I requested a stroopwafel from economy (stroopwafels are only served in economy). He did not know if there were any left, but off he went to check.

As this trip was filled with turbulence (see what I did there?), I did not expect him to find a stroopwafel. I began to doze but was woken by a slight tap on the shoulder. It was the flight attendant who returned from the back bearing gifts…stroopwafels!!!

United Airlines StroopwafelUnited Airlines Stroopwafel

Final Word

I get it, I get it. I may be a little bit too excited when it comes to stroopwafels, but these sugar pellets calm my nerves during flights (yes, I still get anxious flying). If you have not tried United’s stroopwafels, please get one or two on your next flight, you will be happy you did.

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