United Airlines’ Stroopwafel Returns in January 2019

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There are not many things that get me as excited as traveling.  I love the entire process, especially the journey.  A lot of the “journeys” are on United Airlines (my preferred carrier in the United States).  One of my favorite, yet basic, things about United Airlines was that the company offered stroopwafels on regional morning flights.  For those of you not in the know, a stroopwafel is a “waffle” consisting of two small pieces of dough and a really sweet caramel interior.  It is the greatest inflight snack…ever.  The stroopwafels were typically offered to passengers in Economy, but were available by request to passengers in domestic First Class.

United Airlines ERJ-175 First Class
Bourbon and stroopwafels

United Airlines CRJ-700 Nashville

I enjoyed everything about the United Airlines stroopwafel.  I enjoyed them so much that I often stashed two or three in my bag as a snack fort later in the journey.  Sometime in the second half of 2018, United Airlines replaced the stroopwafel with some horrible maple cookies.  This change was by far one of the most depressing moments of the year.  As a creature of habit, I looked forward to the stroopwafel.  I believe that it brought some normalcy to my day.

While scrolling through Twitter today, I found the follow statement from United Airlines.

Yes! Yes! Yes! This small, but significant change will add the normalcy to my travel routine that I have been missing over the last few months.  I do not care the reason for bringing the stroopwafel back I January 2019, but I certainly applaud it.  Well done United Airlines, be sure to pack extra when I fly.

Are you excited about the stroopwafel’s return???

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