Spirit Airlines Military Benefits

Spirit Airlines A319
Spirit Airlines A319. Courtesy of Air Team Images.

I have covered the military benefits offered by the Big Three domestic carriers (United, Delta, and American Airlines) in the past. In response to a reader inquiry, I feel it is necessary to outline the military benefits offered by some Low Cost Carriers (LCC). I will start by looking at Spirit Airlines’ military benefits.

Here is the list of military benefits:

Complimentary baggage. Military members receive two checked bags and a free carry on, in addition to the free personal item. Members only need to present their military ID at the ticket counter. The airline offers refunds, at its ticket counters, for any active duty member who has already purchased bags for an upcoming trip.

Wounded Warrior Flights. The airline provides free flights to wounded (in battle) warriors and their families. This is in conjunction with Luke’s Wings to ensure families have flights during the service member’s hospitalization and rehabilitation.

Honor Flights. The airline partners with Honor Flight of South Florida to honor veterans service to the country.

Final Word
While the benefits offered are not as extensive as the larger carriers, they are greatly appreciated.  The Honor Flights is a unique and nice gesture.  I do not recall ever hearing about it.  Thank you Spirit, I look forward to the day I finally get to fly with you.

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  1. Way cool Rob. I have flown Spirit a few times to Central America. Definitely the quirkiest airline, the most humorous ads, and yes, the most self-deprecating too. Always poking fun at their budget ways. I dig it. Honesty.

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