How Long Would You Wait for a Menu at On the Border???

I am currently sitting in On the Border restaurant in Wichita Falls, Texas. Usually, this place would not be anything to post about but the service here has been terrible to this point.

I have been in the restaurant for 15 minutes and the main bartender has not said a word to me. She has not offered me a menu, a napkin, said ‘hi’, or anything else. She seemed more interested in her other customers.

other customers with full drinks, napkins, and follow ups

The barback finally acknowledged me and asked if I wanted a drink. I asked for a Modelo.

I didn’t want to have a drink at that point.

Only after this exchange did she come over to ask if I wanted a menu. I told her that I was good and that customers should not have to wait 15 minutes for menus or an introduction.

needed a napkin for that lime

This is unsatisfactory for any restaurant, but this restaurant, in particular, seems to have an issue that I cannot quite seem to put my finger on. EVERY TIME (6 or 7 times) I come in, sit at the bar, the service is crappy. Maybe it is me, but I am willing to bet it is the staff.

And why has this pitcher been sitting here since I arrived?!?!?!


30 minutes of bad service is too much for me. I find it crazy that other people sitting at the bar have had her undivided attention.

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