Review: Crowne Plaza Dallas

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Review: Crowne Plaza – Dallas
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After enjoying the Fort Worth Museum for a few hours, we made the 30 minute drive along Interstate 30 East into Dallas. The Crowne Plaza Dallas Downtown is located minutes away from Dealey Plaza and the Dallas Aquarium. The location was the highlight of this property (more on that later).

I usually go with the Marriott DFW-South ($96/night) when visiting the metropolex, but decided to use my Chase Free Night from my IHG credit card. Crowne Plaza was going for $142 on this night.  It is not the best value that I could have gotten for the free night benefit.


The hotel entrance sits in a weird location at the corner of Elm and North Griffin Street. When you enter the single car driveway, you have two options for parking. 1) Continue into the parking garage or 2) valet my car. I chose the latter because I was unsure if about the parking garage. The parking garage price is $16/night, while valet is $30/night.



Upon entering the hotel, the check-in desk is along the far wall, while elevators and specialty rooms are to the immediate left. There was a couple in front of me and three staff at the desk but check-in took about 10 minutes. I was offered a welcome amenity of 400 points or a ‘drink’ at the THRIVE Round bar, I chose the drink. Breakfast was not offered (maybe it was supposed to be understood) and I neglected to ask for it. I was given a 20% off coupon for the on-site restaurant, THRIVE.



The double queen room that we were given was on the 17th floor. The room was…dated, to say the least. There was a very small bathroom to the right as I entered the room. The room did not have any ceiling mounted lights. There were standalone lamps placed throughout. There was a closest to the immediate left when entering the room. The doors to the closet were mirrored and did not reach the ceiling. There was an 8 inch gap between the top of the closet railing and ceiling. The room did not have a particularly good view.


Fitness Center

The fitness center is located on the 9th floor. To gain entry to the room, guests are to insert the key card. In this case, the door was not locked or even fully closed, for that matter. The room is small, but has enough equipment to get a decent workout. The equipment included cardio machines, weight benches, free weights, and full body machine.



Down the hallway to the left of the check-in desk is where guests can find THRIVE restaurant (half way down, on the right), THRIVE Round bar (at the end of the hallway), and Ilume Nightclub. I arrived from the Texas Rangers’ game in an Uber and stopped by the bar for my complimentary drink. I ordered two Gin & Tonics and asked for my check because it was after closing time (11pm). Three things that I found ironic: 1) The bar closed at 11pm. I have never seen a hotel bar close that early on a Saturday night. 2) I could not use my complimentary drink coupon since I did not order wine or a beer. 3) Illume Nightclub could only be accessed from outside of the hotel, even though there was a security guard near the plastic partitions that separated Ilume and round bar.

Final Word

The location of this property was perfect, but that is where the pros stop. The outdated décor and the level of noise from Illume defined my stay.  When I asked why the club was so loud, the bartender summed up my stay at this property.

Bartender: well, the club will let you in free before 11pm since you are a hotel guest

Me: but it is after 11pm because you are now closed, correct?

Bartender: yeah, you will have to pay $10 to get in then.  

Oh, I paid…Chase free night, valet, and complimentary drink wasted.  It is safe to say that I will not stay at this property again.

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