Are You Serious???: Texas Roadhouse – Wichita Falls Staff Member Accuses Me of Attacking ‘Her’ Restaurant

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Ok, I get it. People get sensitive when a blog post is written about their jobs.  I write about my experiences and things that affect me.  The problems that come with this is that some people feel like you are attacking them and take it personal.

Just a little while ago, I was at Texas Roadhouse picking up a to go order. I was having a beer when a ‘staff member’ (I do not know what her job was) came up to me to say (sarcastically), ‘thanks for writing that article on us’. I asked her, ‘do you know what it was about?’ She said, no. I responded, ‘ok then, here is my phone so that you can understand’. I showed her what I wrote and gave her my perspective.

She looked at the phone for two seconds and said, ‘why are you attacking ‘my’ store?’ My response was, ‘I am not attacking your store, I just brought up an issue that needed to be fixed’. She did not like it, so she gave me a story about the workers who are students, they need to leave early, etc. Got it, but what does that have to do with leaving waste in the middle of the floor?

I am not looking to go to war with Texas Roadhouse in Wichita Falls, but this is completely unacceptable.  If a problem is highlighted in your establishment, fix it. If you do not think it is a problem, do not fix it. But PLEASE do not come to my seat asking why I wrote a blog post about ‘your’ restaurant when you are clearly a part of the problem.

Final Word

This situation is beyond insane. I try to provide unbiased reviews of places whether it be local or abroad. The issues arise when people try to influence those reviews. As I told the lady at Texas Roadhouse, I did not (and will not) mention any names when I have something negative to say, but damn if it does not piss me off that people think that they can infringe on my First Amendment rights. If I am respectful, you be respectful…por favor. I said that I would be hesitant going to the restaurant after the first incident, but I will not be returning again after this episode.

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