Gross: Texas Roadhouse – Wichita Falls

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I enjoy visiting new places, whether it be new hotels, restaurants, or airplanes.  So much so that I go out of my way to try different things. Tonight, I decided to stay in town having a relaxed night with my friends at Texas Roadhouse. I had enough of traveling after I lost my wallet last week. 

My friends were at Texas Roadhouse before me (I was napping) so I just showed up for drinks. We had a good time laughing and talking about our business prospects. Right before closing, one of the staff members began sweeping the floor (Texas Roadhouse allows customers to throw peanut shells on the floor, if you did not know). 

This is not bad until you see everything that was under the booths. Peanut shells were the least of the problem. There were menus, silverware, and napkins (yeah, the ones that your silverware is wrapped in) on the floor. The guy did not care, he swept everything into the same pile. 

Texas Roadhouse Wichita FallsTexas Roadhouse Wichita FallsTexas Roadhouse Wichita FallsTexas Roadhouse Wichita Falls

This was probably the single grossest thing that I have seen. I know that people have to clean, but this was done while customers were still in the restaurant. Why ruin your brand like this?  

Final Word

I like going to Texas Roadhouse, but after this, I need to rethink my position. The more that I visit restaurants, the more that I realize that I probably would be better off eating at home. Texas Roadhouse, this is gross, unsanitary, and not something that should continue in your restaurants. 

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