Review: Gyozaya Ninoni – Fukuoka

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We returned to the hotel to freshen up and relax after the long day of fun at Uminonakamishi Seaside Park. The day of playing did, however, give us quite the appetite. Rather than eating at the hotel, which had almost 30 restaurants/shops, we gave our son two options for food: 1) Men Men (ramen), or 2) Gyoza. He has called ramen, Men Men since he was little and I think it is so adorable. Anyway, he chose gyoza so I started searching for places to visit.

Within minutes, we settled on Gyozaya Ninoni. A small restaurant located near Hakata Station. If you remember, Hakata Station is where our shinkansen from Tokyo arrived. The specialty of the restaurant was, you guessed it, gyoza. The reviews I read stated that Gyozaya Ninoni was always crowded, but the food was delicious and cheap. We soon hopped a cab and were on our way.   

Gyozaya Ninoni was located off of a main road, near some other restaurants and karaoke bars. I literally just gave you all the description of 90 percent of the places in Japan. The rain was pouring but the taxi driver literally dropped us right next to the door…I am talking about his door almost touched the entrance. How is that for service?.

As is the norm at most Japanese restaurants, Gyozaya Ninoni had a laminated menu outside. The menu outside gives potential customers a chance to have a look and decide if they want to eat at the establishment. It also gives returning guests a quick look before entering to speed up the ordering process once inside. Did I mention how cheap this place was? Look at those prices!

We entered the restaurant and were welcomed by the traditional greeting, “Irasshaimase!” This loosely means “come on in“. We nodded and proceeded to hang our light jackets on the rack straight ahead.

The restaurant had approximately 20 tables, all were relatively empty. The noise complaint from the other reviews was debunked immediately. We had our pick of tables and chose one on the far wall, opposite the kitchen and cash register.

There were smaller menus at the table, which included the same menu as outside, a happy hour menu, and a drink menu. The waitress was so polite and never a burden. She informed us to press the button on the table when we were ready to order. We immediately ordered drinks, gyoza and tomato salad.

While we waited, I tried to get a picture to show the opposite side of the restaurant but could not. We were among just a few other guests in the restaurant so I did not want to creep them out by snapping too many pictures.

One cool thing about this restaurant was the baskets underneath the tables. If we did not feel comfortable or there was not any room on the coat rack in the front, we could use the basket to store our belongings right at our table. It also works well for purse storage. My grandma used to say, “if a woman puts her purse on the floor, she will go broke”. Please use the baskets.

The food was at our table in minutes. The gyoza was hot, fresh, and delicious, while the tomato/onion salad provided a light balance. I tried to take pictures of the food, but my son decided he could not wait to eat. Bless his heart.

We made short work of the plate of gyoza so I ordered a DJ Khaled…another one! I was able to take an untouched picture this time. The gyoza was soooo good.

Final Word

Gyozaya Ninoni near Hayata Station was a good find. Thanks to everyone for writing reviews, which allowed me to write this review. The staff members were polite, while the food was cheap and delicious. I spent roughly $35 USD during the visit. Most importantly, the restaurant was quiet, this allowed us to discuss the day and plan our next adventure.

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