Travel Items to Purchase on Amazon Prime Day {2020}

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 is finally upon us. Amazon Prime Day is actually two days, October 13th and 14th. This is kind of exciting because I have been ordering items from since the pandemic began, but none have been as deeply discounted as on Prime Day.  I have listed the items below in a previous post, but figured I need to update it to account for COVID-related travel.  Here is the entire list:

1.  Skyway Pescadero Carry On Luggage. The Skyway Pescadero Carry On is the only luggage that I bring along on trips.  I used to have a soft shell carry-on which was no good because the contents would either be wet or broken upon arrival at my destination.  I searched for a hard shell for months until I found this one. This is my choice of luggage until something better comes along.

pescadero carry on
Skyway Pescadero carry on

2.  Sony A6000 Camera Bundle. This Sony A6000 camera bundle is my go to for most of the photos on my blog.  It is an intermediate camera, one that has allowed me to hone my photography skills (still working on the skills, haha).  I had an issue earlier in the year when I neglected my camera…hope it does not happen again.

Sony Lens

3.  MacBook Air 13.3in. The 13.3 in MacBook Air is what I use to edit my pictures, especially when traveling. It is lightweight and very easy to use. I am able to download pictures from my SD card in no time. I have not had many issues with my MacBook Air. Well, I do like to drop[ it a lot but it is still working.

MacBook Air 13.3 inch

4.  Nike Free Running Shoes. The Nike Free running shoes allow me to get in some miles on a treadmill at the hotel fitness center during my travels. I currently have the 2017 model because of the comfort level.  The soles are foam and are easy on my back.  When I find something that I like, I usually buy it in multiples.

Nike Free.jpg

5.  Sony MDR-EX650 B Inner Ear Headphones. The Sony Inner Ear Headphones travel with me everywhere, it does not matter if I am home or abroad. I prefer these over bigger, bulkier, more expensive headphones. I have a few pairs that are in constant rotation but it may be time to invest in some Apple AirPods.

Sony Headphones.jpg

6.  Universal Travel Adapter. The universal travel adapter comes in handy when I  traveling outside of the United States (we can’t travel outside of the country at the moment).  This is one item that never leaves my bag.  Well, there was the time that I went to Singapore last year and left it at home.

Universal Travel Adapter

7.  Safety Razor. I need the safety razor because I used to get ingrown hairs on a regular basis. Since I have started using the safety razor, my ingrown hairs are few and far between. I highly recommend this for anyone. Please be sure to have this disassembled when passing through security.

Safety Razor.jpg

8.  Astra Platinum Safety Blades. When I first bought my safety razor, I bought an assortment of safety blades because I did not know how my skin would react to the blades.  The Astra Platinum Safety Blades were the best option for me.  I have been using them for over three years. To help your transit security smoothly, pack the blades in your checked luggage to keep down any confusion.

Astra Platinum Safety Razor Blades.jpg

Below are some items that will help you travel safer during COVID-19.

Mycolio Hospital Grade Wipes. These wipes could be used to wipe down the entire seat area on the airplane and use to grab doors or other high touch areas within the airport.

Hand Sanitizer.  If the wipes are not enough protection, hand sanitizer will provide another layer of coverage. These sanitizers are already in travel size so you do not have to put it in another container.

Disposable Face Mask. Masks are mandatory in most public places, including on airplanes. Purchasing these in bulk will ensure you run out during your travel.

I know there are a lot of us who are not traveling at the moment, and that is ok, but we can prepare for the day we are able to get back some sense of normalcy in regards to travel.  If you do not plan to travel, go to Amazon anyway and browse the deals, who knows what you will find. I need to stop browsing because there are way too many items in my cart.

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