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This year has been one we will not soon forget. There has been over 200,000 American lives lost, while the total worldwide is fives times that amount, due to complications from coronavirus. In addition to the lives lost, millions of people are out of work.  The end to this pandemic does not appear to be in sight. I send my heartfelt condolences to those lost, their families, and those who continued to be affected by coronavirus in other ways.

I have not posted since April out of respect to you, my audience, especially those who have wanted to travel but could not. My mind has slowly been deteriorating during the lockdown.  This is a result of numerous things, but the main contributor is my lack of travel. My last trip was in March, prior to the pandemic, to Houston for one of my son’s sporting events. I truly believe my home is in the sky.  

United Airlines (ERJ-175) Arriving in OKC

Speaking of home, during this time, I have moved from one military base to another. Luckily, I did not leave Texas because I love the Dallas Cowboys and Oklahoma Sooners football. I am happy to finish my military career at the base where it all started.

I am currently on the mend from hip surgery. The recovery has given me more than enough time to get back to doing something I love…blog, even if I cannot travel. I have started editing pictures and working on content from my trip to Japan last summer. While I did not blog about it soon after the trip, I need to and will complete the trip report. More posts are will follow this one…

Shinkansen Nozomi Line

This pandemic has affected all of us in different ways. I wish for better days in the future because this year has been, for lack of a better term, a shit show. Paraphrasing Nora O’Donnell, “continue to keep your spirits positive and your tests negative”.

I hope to see you all in the air soon.

Singapore Airlines Private Room Dom Perignon Champagne
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