Review: Harpoon Brewery

While at Sapore, I asked the bartenders for suggestions of things to do near the hotel. Since it was 5 degrees outside, I did not want to walk that far. They offered a few suggestions, but the only one that sounded appealing was Harpoon Brewery.

I began the half mile walk (my visit right after Bombogenesis) and it was COLD. There were snow drifts everywhere and the wind was howling. All I could think was, ‘what in the hell are you thinking’? Anyway, after what felt like and eternity, I arrived at Harpoon Brewery around 4:30pm.

Harpoon Brewery

My excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I saw a line formed outside. The line was about 20 people deep and the wait was about a 45 minute wait to get inside. Wow! So many thoughts crept into my mind…why are all these people out drinking? Who comes to a brewery when it is 5 degrees out? What is pi?

After my slight meltdown, I hung out in the line for about 30 minutes. At this point, a runner from upstairs came to get anyone going on the 5:20pm tour. There was a $5 charge for the tour. (Of note, Sam Adams only takes ‘donations’ for its tour). After I purchased my ticket, it was back outside.

After a few more minutes, I was allowed back inside.

When entering the brewery, you have to take the stairs to the second level.

Harpoon Brewery

At the top of the stairs was a gift shop. It extended to left far left of the floor.

Harpoon BreweryDSC00284DSC00287Harpoon BreweryDSC00285Harpoon BreweryDSC00286

The check in counter, where I purchased my tour ticket, is to the right. There were so many people inside.


The tour began at the far right, on the other side of the bar. Before you enter the brewery, you have to put on glasses.

Harpoon Brewery

Adam and Paige led the tour. It began with a brief overview and then we crossed an elevated walkway that overlooked the storage area.

Harpoon BreweryDSC00254

The first stop was to give us a brief history lesson about Harpoon. While this was going on, I took the opportunity to take pictures of flags along the wall.

DSC00258Harpoon BreweryHarpoon Brewery

The next stop, after passing through the Tasting Room, was to discuss the brewing process.

Harpoon Brewery

Next was the Tasting Room.


There were quite a few beers on tap. The thing that I did not like was you have to go to the taps like a regular bar.  During the Sam Adams’ tour, you sit down and they pass a pitcher around.

Harpoon Brewery


The final stop was right above the bottling area. We discussed different facts about beer.

DSC00279DSC00278DSC00275DSC00280Harpoon Brewery

After the tour, I decided to have a few drinks at the bar.

Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon Brewery
UFO Sampler

Final word

The tour lasted about 50 minutes. Adam and Paige were fantastic, they kept me entertained throughout the tour. While the tasting was lacking, compared to Sams, I enjoyed the overall experience. I will definitely visit Harpoon again, not for the tour, but to hang out in the bar area.

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