OMG: What to do When You Lose Your Wallet

This past Saturday, I made the two hour drive to Oklahoma City to visit one of my best friends whom I had not seen in eight months. We went to Norman to grab some food and to hang out. We spent the night reminiscing and also talking about future plans. During one particular conversation, I put my jacket on the back of a chair with my wallet inside (silly mistake). When I retrieved the jacket, my wallet was gone. Panic ensued.

It has been two days since I lost my wallet. I do not care about the contents, but the wallet itself was a gift. Here are the steps that I took after I lost my wallet:

  1. Filed a police report. This provided an official record for my military ID replacement.
  2. Called Chase and American Express to cancel/order credit cards. I have quite a few accounts with Chase. The agent verified the last five transactions on each.
  3. Replaced my Texas Driver’s license. I provided my birth certificate and paid $11 for the new license.

I am mad at myself for being complacent Saturday. There is definitely more than one lesson to be taken from this. I am grateful that Chase and American Express are expediting my cards. The replacement of my military ID and driver’s license was painless as well. I wish that this was as simple as the business card mix up. Hopefully, this gives you some insight on how to proceed when you lose your wallet or purse.


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